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# Song Name Scripture Sectionsort ascending Tune License
895 Hear My Prayer, O God Psalm 143 Offering Our Prayers HYMN CHANT CCLI, OneLicense
906 Saranam, Saranam/Jesus, Savior, Lord Offering Our Prayers PUNJABI CCLI, OneLicense
911 Abana alathi fi ssama/Abana in Heaven Offering Our Prayers ABANA CCLI, OneLicense
910 Prayers of the People 2 Offering Our Prayers
884 Hear Our Prayer, O Lord Offering Our Prayers WHELPTON Public Domain
899 Seek Ye First Offering Our Prayers LAFFERTY CCLI
913 Prayers of the People 3 Matthew 6:9-13 Offering Our Prayers
887 Let Us Pray to the Lord Offering Our Prayers LET US PRAY Public Domain
885 The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation Offering Our Prayers MY LIGHT AND MY SALVATION OneLicense
916 Amen, Father Offering Our Prayers
901 Lord, I Pray Offering Our Prayers KLOKJE KLINKT CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
912 The Lord's Prayer Offering Our Prayers MALOTTE CCLI
918 Litany: The Lord's Prayer Offering Our Prayers
888 LORD, Listen to My Righteous Plea Psalm 17 Offering Our Prayers ROSALIE MCMILLAN CCLI, OneLicense
898 What a Friend We Have in Jesus Offering Our Prayers BEACH SPRING CCLI, Public Domain
873 Praise and Thanksgiving Offering Our Gifts LOBET UND PRESIET CCLI, OneLicense
878 God, We Honor You Offering Our Gifts ABUNDANT BLESSINGS Contact Copyright Holder
875 A Prayer: Almighty God, Father of all Mercies Offering Our Gifts
876 God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending Offering Our Gifts BEACH SPRING CCLI, OneLicense
883 A Prayer for the Offering Offering Our Gifts
882 Grant Now Your Blessing Offering Our Gifts HALAD Contact Copyright Holder
872 Have We Any Gift Worth Giving Offering Our Gifts COSTLY GIFTS CCLI, OneLicense
879 Lord of All Good Offering Our Gifts GENEVAN 124/OLD 124TH CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
880 Take Our Silver and Our Gold Offering Our Gifts GOLFBURY CCLI
874 We Are An Offering Offering Our Gifts OFFERING CCLI