What is Copyright?


Lift Up Your Hearts contains many copyrighted hymns and songs, as well as many that are in the public domain. If you have any questions about reprinting music or using this resource in a way that complies with copyright laws, please email us at hymnal@crcna.org.

To find copyright information and reprint information, please go to the Song tab and click on the song title. (For example, The LORD, My Shepherd, Rules My Life). We have provided the steps necessary for legally Projecting and/or Reprinting each song.

What is Copyright?

Authors own the exclusive rights to their compositions. This is called copyright, and it means that the composition is protected for many years─even if the copyright is never registered with the copyright office. A composition is considered to be "intellectual property." The copyright may be sold, transferred, or inherited─but the copyright still endures.

If music or lyrics are still under copyright protection, you CANNOT (without permission or license)

  • reproduce the music or lyrics
  • distribute the music or lyrics either for free, for no profit, or for profit
  • perform the music or lyrics in public (outside of the context of worship)
  • play a recording of the music or lyrics in public--even if you own the CD
  • make a derivative work or arrangement for public use in any form
  • translate lyrics to another language
  • record live music in worship services by audio or video