Psalms Index

The following index is a listing of all the Psalm Settings that appear in Lift Up Your Hearts. Questions? Email us at

Psalm # LUYH # Authoritative Title Tune Name
Psalm 1 712 Happy Is the One BENEDICTUS PRIMUS
Psalm 1 714 The One Is Blest WINCHESTER OLD
Psalm 2 214 Why This Dark Conspiracy CHRIST IST ERSTANDEN
Psalm 3:3 382 You, O Lord, Are a Shield About Me SHIELD ABOUT ME
Psalm 4 890 O God, Defender of the Poor DUNFERMLINE
Psalm 5 376 Hear, O LORD, My Urgent Prayer TEBBEN
Psalm 6 303 Healer of Our Every Ill HEALER
Psalm 6 409 LORD, Chasten Not in Anger GENEVAN 6
Psalm 7 643 Plaintive Is the Song I Sing NUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILAND
Psalm 8 500 LORD, Our Lord, Your Glorious Name EVENING PRAISE
Psalm 8 501 LORD, Our Lord, Your Glorious Name GOTT SEI DURCH ALL WELT
Psalm 8:1 12 O Lord, Our Lord HOW EXCELLENT
Psalm 9 647 Come, Sing to God with All Your Heart MORNING SONG
Psalm 10 648 Why Stand So Far Away, My God MORNING SONG
Psalm 11 427 How Firm a Foundation FOUNDATION
Psalm 11 428 O Lord, Be Our Refuge FOUNDATION
Psalm 12 644 Lying Lips CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA
Psalm 13 410 How Long Will You Forget Me, Lord MARTYRDOM
Psalm 14 33 All Have Sinned BLAKE
Psalm 15 612 LORD, Who May Dwell Within Your House CRIMOND
Psalm 15 854 I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me I'M GONNA LIVE
Psalm 16 411 Protect Me, God: I Trust in You MEPHIBOSHETH
Psalm 17 888 LORD, Listen to My Righteous Plea ROSALIE MCMILLAN
Psalm 18 194 Refuge and Rock EARTH AND ALL STARS
Psalm 18:1-6, 30-32 436 How I Love You, LORD, My God ABERYSTWYTH
Psalm 19 3 The Heavens Declare Your Glory FAITHFUL
Psalm 19 719 God's Glory Fills the Heavens CREATION
Psalm 20 894 May the Lord God Hear You Pray TEBBEN
Psalm 21 218 To Your Unequaled Strength DETROIT
Psalm 22 164 What Wondrous Love WONDROUS LOVE
Psalm 22 511 Amid the Thronging Worshipers BOVINA
Psalm 22:1-11, 22-29 165 Psalm 22:1-11, 22-29  
Psalm 22:27-31 594 The Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear VISION
Psalm 23 368 El Señor es mi pastor/My Shepherd Is the LORD PASTOR
Psalm 23 369 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need RESIGNATION
Psalm 23 456 Shepherd Me, O God SHEPHERD ME, O GOD
Psalm 23 732 The LORD, My Shepherd, Rules My Life CRIMOND
Psalm 23 824 The King of Love My Shepherd Is ST. COLUMBA
Psalm 24 144 Lift Up the Gates Eternal PROMISED ONE
Psalm 24 499 The Earth, with All That Dwell Therein LOBT GOTT, IHR CHRISTEN
Psalm 25 354 LORD, I Gladly Trust REDHEAD 76
Psalm 25 625 LORD, to You My Soul Is Lifted GENEVAN 25
Psalm 26 729 Let This By My Supreme Desire WINCHESTER OLD
Psalm 27 773 O LORD, You Are My Light RHOSYMEDRE
Psalm 27 774 El Señor es mi luz/The Lord Is My Light EL SEÑOR ES MI LUZ
Psalm 27:1 885 The Lord is My Light and My Salvation MY LIGHT AND MY SALVATION
Psalm 27:1, 5, 14 431 The Lord is My Light THE LORD IS MY LIGHT
Psalm 28 649 I Call to You, My Rock RHOSYMEDRE
Psalm 29 114 Give Glory to God, All You Heavenly Creatures ARLES
Psalm 29 922 All on Earth and All in Heaven EBENEZER
Psalm 30 668 I Worship You, O LORD BISHOP TUCKER
Psalm 31 458 My Times Are in Your Hands MARGARET
Psalm 32 669 How Blest Are They Whose Trespass RUTHERFORD
Psalm 32:7 412 You Are My Hiding Place HIDING PLACE
Psalm 33 22 Rejoice, You Righteous, in the Lord ELLACOMBE
Psalm 34 406 LORD, I Bring My Songs to You LUX PRIMA
Psalm 34 817 Taste and See TASTE AND SEE
Psalm 35 645 Litany for the Slandered  
Psalm 35 646 O God, My Faithful God DARMSTADT
Psalm 36:7 673 How Precious Is Your Unfailing Love YOUR UNFAILING LOVE
Psalm 37 850 Commit Your Way to God the Lord ROCKINGHAM
Psalm 37:1-11, 39-40 480 Wait for the Lord WAIT FOR THE LORD
Psalm 38 150 Rebuke Me Not in Anger, LORD CHICKAHOMINY
Psalm 39 402 Lord, Show Me How to Count My Days RYBURN
Psalm 40 670 I Waited Patiently for God NEW BRITIAN
Psalm 41 408 What a Privilege to Carry BEACH SPRING
Psalm 42 332 As the Deer Pants for the Water CERVUS INDOMITUS
Psalm 42 616 As a Deer in Want of Water FREU DICH SEHR/GENEVAN 42
Psalm 42: 1, 2 503 As the Deer AS THE DEER
Psalm 42: 1, 2 504 Como el ciervo/Like a Deer LLÉNAME
Psalm 43 332 As the Deer Pants for the Water CERVUS INDOMITUS
Psalm 43 616 As a Deer in Want of Water FREU DICH SEHR/GENEVAN 42
Psalm 44 47 O God, We Have Heard FOUNDATION
Psalm 45 221 For the Honor of Our King MONKLAND
Psalm 46 432 God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength GERARD/NOEL
Psalm 46:10 892 Be Still and Know BE STILL AND KNOW
Psalm 47 216 Nations, Clap Your Hands GENEVAN 47
Psalm 48 249 Great is the LORD Our God DIADEMATA
Psalm 49 126 Come, One and All KIÚ-JI-IT
Psalm 50 9 The Mighty God with Power Speaks STAR OF COUNTY DOWN
Psalm 50 379 Let the Giving of Thanks GREYFRIARS
Psalm 51 621 Give Me a Clean Heart GIVE ME A CLEAN HEART
Psalm 51:1 & 2, 10-19 623 God, Be Merciful to Me REDHEAD 76
Psalm 51:1-9 622 God, Be Merciful to Me GOD, BE MERCIFUL
Psalm 52 30 God, Let Me Like a Spreading Tree BACA
Psalm 52 31 Prayers of the Oppressed and Oppressor  
Psalm 53 33 All Have Sinned BLAKE
Psalm 54 413 Lord, You Are My Strength YOU ARE MY STRENGTH
Psalm 55 664 I Need Your Help, O LORD My God RESTING PLACE
Psalm 56 416 In My Day of Fear DISTANT OAKS
Psalm 57 355 Be Gracious to Me, Lord MIKTAM
Psalm 58-60 650 O When Will We See Justice Done KINGSFOLD
Psalm 61 415 Listen to My Cry, LORD WEM IN LEIDENSTAGEN
Psalm 61 906 Saranam, Saranam/Jesus, Savior, Friend PUNJABI
Psalm 62 370 My Soul Finds Rest MY SOUL FINDS REST
Psalm 62 433 In God Alone IN GOD ALONE
Psalm 62 435 My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone THIRD MODE MELODY
Psalm 63 367 O God, You Are My God Alone GRATUS
Psalm 64 290 Hear Us, O Lord, As We Voice Our Laments LANGRAN
Psalm 65 388 Every Heart Its Tribute Pays ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR
Psalm 65 398 Sing to the Lord of Harvest WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN
Psalm 65 545 Praise Is Your Right, O God, in Zion GENEVAN 65
Psalm 66 495 Come, All You People, Praise Our God ADOWA
Psalm 66 496 Uyai mose/Come, All You People UYAI MOSE
Psalm 67 934 God of Mercy, God of Grace DIX
Psalm 68:1-19 211 Lift Up Your Voices GENEVAN 68/OLD 113TH
Psalm 68:20-35 212 Give Praise to God with Reverance Deep GENEVAN 68/OLD 113TH
Psalm 69 418 If You Love Me IF YOU LOVE ME
Psalm 70 419 Come Quickly, LORD, to Rescue Me CHICKAHOMINY
Psalm 71 319 God, My Help and Hiding Place TOKYO
Psalm 72 109 Hail to the Lord's Anointed ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEIN
Psalm 72 219 Jesus Shall Reign DUKE STREET
Psalm 72:18-19 953 Now Blessed Be the Lord Our God CORONATION
Psalm 73 333 All My Life  
Psalm 73 955 Mungu ni mwema/Know that God Is Good MUNGU NI MWEMA
Psalm 73:23-28 346 In Sweet Communion, Lord with You PRAYER
Psalm 74 62 An Advent Lament  
Psalm 75 31 Prayers of the Oppressed and Oppressor  
Psalm 75 32 O God, Your Deeds Are Unsurpassed BACA
Psalm 76 284 God is Known Among His People LAUDA ANIMA
Psalm 77 893 Hear My Cry, O God, and Save Me GENEVAN 77
Psalm 78 728 People of the Lord JENNY VAN TSCHEGG
Psalm 79 632 Remember Not, O God GORTON
Psalm 80 64 O Shepherd, Hear and Lead Your Flock ST. LOUIS
Psalm 81 717 Sing a Psalm of Joy GENEVAN 81
Psalm 82 292 There Where the Judges Gather MEIRIONYDD
Psalm 83 654 Do Not Keep Silent, O God TEMPEST WIND
Psalm 84 46 How Lovely, Lord, How Lovely MERLE'S TUNE
Psalm 84 506 Better Is One Day BETTER IS ONE DAY
Psalm 84 507 How Lovely Is Your Dwelling ST. EDITH
Psalm 85 65 LORD, You Have Lavished on Your Land MELITA
Psalm 86 889 LORD, My Petition Heed MASON
Psalm 87 286 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken AUSTRIAN HYMN
Psalm 88 417 Dans nos obscurités/Within our Darkest Night DANS NOS OBSCURITÉS
Psalm 89 280 My Song Forever Shall Record WINCHESTER NEW
Psalm 90 403 Wildflowers Bloom and Fade INCARNATION
Psalm 90 405 O God, Our Help in Ages Past ST. ANNE
Psalm 91 459 Within the Shelter of the Lord YE BANKS AND BRAES
Psalm 92 513 It Is Good to Sing Your Praises ELLESDIE
Psalm 93 546 Robed in Majesty SALZBURG
Psalm 94 293 O Great God and Lord of the Earth VOS SOS EL DESTAZADO
Psalm 95 509 Come, Worship God O QUANTA QUALIA
Psalm 95 512 Now with Joyful Exultation BEECHER
Psalm 95:6-7 510 Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down COME, LET US WORSHIP
Psalm 95:6-7 517 Our Approach to God  
Psalm 96 515 Sing to the LORD, Sing His Praise WESLEY
Psalm 97 91 God Reigns! Earth Rejoices NOËL NOUVELET
Psalm 98 92 Joy to the World ANTIOCH
Psalm 98 547 Sing, Sing a New Song to the LORD God GENEVAN 98;118/RENDEZ Á DIEU
Psalm 99 726 The LORD Is King, Enthroned in Might ELLACOMBE
Psalm 100 1 All People That on Earth Do Dwell GENEVAN 138/OLD HUNDREDTH
Psalm 101 857 Your Mercy and Your Justice ST. THEODULPH
Psalm 102 455 Naming the Circumstances of Death and Dying Before God's Face  
Psalm 103 571 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven LAUDA ANIMA
Psalm 103 672 O Come, My Soul, Sing Praise to God TIDINGS
Psalm 103:1 516 Bless the Lord, O My Soul BLESS THE LORD
Psalm 103:1 836 Bless the Lord, My Soul BLESS THE LORD, MY SOUL
Psalm 103:8-13, 17-18 671 The LORD Is Compassionate and Gracious  
Psalm 104 2 O Worship the King LYONS
Psalm 104 11 We Worship You, Whose Splendor Dwarfs the Cosmos TIDINGS
Psalm 105 200 Praise the Lord, the Day Is Won ST. KEVIN
Psalm 106 48 It Is Good to Give Thanks to You, Lord NEW 106TH
Psalm 107 359 Give Thanks to God, Who Hears Our Cries MORNING SONG
Psalm 108 734 My Heart Is Firmly Fixed ST. THOMAS
Psalm 109 438 Give to the Winds Your Fears GORTON
Psalm 110 217 The LORD unto My Lord Has Said ALL SAINTS NEW
Psalm 111 502 O Give to the LORD Wholehearted Praise GERMANY
Psalm 112 301 How Blest Are Those Who Fear the Lord MELCOMBE
Psalm 113 399 Bless the LORD, O Saints and Servants AUSTRIAN HYMN
Psalm 114 41 When Israel Fled from Egypt Land ANDRE
Psalm 115 573 Not unto Us, O Lord of Heaven VATER UNSER
Psalm 116 152 I Love the Lord; He Heard My Voice (refrain) I LOVE THE LORD; HE HEARD MY CRY
Psalm 116 735 I Love You, LORD, For You Have Heard My Voice GENEVAN 116
Psalm 116 819 I Love the Lord I LOVE THE LORD
Psalm 116:1-2 439 I Love the Lord; He Heard My Voice I LOVE THE LORD; HE HEARD MY CRY
Psalm 116:12-19 871 What Shall I Render to the LORD ROCKINGHAM
Psalm 117 279 Alabad al Señor/Praise the Lord ALABAD AL SEÑOR
Psalm 117 570 From All That Dwell Below the Skies LASST UNS ERFREUEN
Psalm 117 588 Bān-bîn ah/Let All Nations Praise the Lord O-LÓ
Psalm 117 589 Psalm 117  
Psalm 117:1 591 Laudate Dominum/Sing, Praise, and Bless the Lord LAUDATE DOMINUM
Psalm 117:1 592 Laudate omnes gentes/Sing Praises, All You People LAUDATE OMNES GENTES
Psalm 118 196 Give Thanks to God for All His Goodness GENEVAN 98/118/RENDEZ Á DIEU
Psalm 118:26 147 Hail and Hosanna HAIL AND HOSANNA
Psalm 119:105-112 759 Your Word Sheds Light upon My Path FEDERAL STREET
Psalm 119:169-176 760 O Let My Supplicating Cry FEDERAL STREET
Psalm 119:33-40 721 Teach Me, O LORD, Your Way of Truth ST. CRISPIN
Psalm 119:9-16 720 How Shall the Young Direct Their Way ST. CRISPIN
Psalm 119:9-16 758 Order My Steps IN YOUR WORD
Psalm 120 283 O God of Love, Forever Blest SHALOM 120
Psalm 121 331 To the Hills I Lift My Eyes GUIDE
Psalm 121 652 I Lift My Eyes Up I LIFT MY EYES UP
Psalm 122 66 With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim SUSSEX CAROL
Psalm 122 508 I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say ENGLAND
Psalm 122:1 514 I Was Glad I WAS GLAD
Psalm 123 421 Up to You I Lift My Eyes THE CALL
Psalm 124 498 Our Help Is In the Name of God the LORD GENEVAN 124/OLD 124TH
Psalm 124:8 497 Our Help OUR HELP
Psalm 124:8 517 Our Approach to God  
Psalm 125 50 Those Who Place on God Reliance HATIKVAH
Psalm 126 51 When the Lord Restored Our Blessing HATIKVAH
Psalm 126 55 When God First Brought Us Back WAYFARING STRANGER
Psalm 127 311 Unless the Lord Builds the House NADA
Psalm 128 313 Whoever Fears the Lord OLD DOMINION
Psalm 129 349 I Will Sing a Song of Triumph KAS DZIEDAJA
Psalm 130 655 Out of the Depths I Cry to You on High SANDON
Psalm 131 335 Like a Child Rests LIKE A CHILD RESTS
Psalm 131 447 A Prayer of Humility  
Psalm 132 45 Let David Be Remembered THAXTED
Psalm 133 260 Miren qué bueno/Oh, Look and Wonder MIREN QUÉ BUENO
Psalm 134 924 Come, All You Servants of the Lord GENEVAN 134/OLD HUNDREDTH
Psalm 135 558 O Praise God's Name Together AURELIA
Psalm 136 52 We Give Thanks unto You BERAKAH
Psalm 137 651 By the Babylonian Rivers KAS DZIEDAJA
Psalm 138 323 With All My Heart I Thank You, LORD GENEVAN 138/MIT FREUDEN ZART
Psalm 138 585 With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring SOLID ROCK
Psalm 139 336 You Are Before Me, Lord HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL
Psalm 139 337 LORD, You Have Searched Me FEDEAL STREET
Psalm 140 656 Deliver Me from Evil HERZLICH TUT MICH VERLANGEN
Psalm 141 384 O LORD, Come Quickly; Hear Me Pray WHEN JESUS WEPT
Psalm 142 657 Hear My Cry and Supplications ARISE/RESTORATION
Psalm 143 895 Hear My Prayer, O God HYMN CHANT
Psalm 144 472 O Morning Star, O Radiant Sun O HEILAND, REISS DIE HIMMEL AUF
Psalm 145 561 I Will Extol You, O My God GERARD/NOEL
Psalm 145 562 We Will Extol You, God and King SCARECROW
Psalm 145:1-5 37 Te exaltaré/I Will Exalt ECUADOR
Psalm 146 518 Praise the LORD! Sing Hallelujah RIPLEY
Psalm 147 442 Praise the Lord Who Heals PRAISE THE LORD WHO HEALS
Psalm 147 549 O Praise the LORD, for It Is Good MINERVA
Psalm 148 6 Praise the LORD, Sing Hallelujah PRAISE JEHOVAH
Psalm 148 550 Nyanyikanlah/Hallelujah! Sing Praise to Your Creator NYANYIKANLAH
Psalm 148 555 Let All Creation's Wonders THAXTED
Psalm 149 566 Give Praise to Our God LAUDATE DOMINUM
Psalm 150 7 Sing Praise the Lord, You People of Grace CHU LEUNG
Psalm 150 563 Praise Ye the Lord, Hallelujah CLEVELAND
Psalm 150 952 Praise God! Earth and Heaven Rejoice GENEVAN 150