For the Visually Impaired

Digital version for the blind

Large Print Edition

  • Hardcover
  • Song texts, prayers, and readings in 18-point type
  • $40.00 US/$CDN* per copy [Buy now]

Music and Words for Reading

  • Full PDF page view, like the hymnal, to view only
  • Ideal for individual use, e-readers that support PDF files (such as Kindle Fire or iPad), and those with visual impairments.
  • $25.00 US/$CDN* per copy [Buy now]

App for iPad

  • Download free from iTunes ( Please note that you cannot print or project the app from the iPad.)
      •   free download of all the Public Domain songs
      •   in-app purchase of copyrighted songs
      •   in-app purchases of the FlexScores for all songs
      •   all prayers, litanies, and readings that are in the hymnal