First CRC, Toronto, CA

Order of Worship Outline for June 16

Call to Worship - LUYH pg. 81 (bottom of page)

Litany of Dedication for LUYH hymnals

One    Listen, God is calling!
          Come lift your voices in song!

All    Each new day you call us to sing
        and every day is a day of thanksgiving.

One    We give thanks for the gift of song.

All    Thank you God that we may join with others
        to praise and worship you with song.

One   Thank you for the new hymnal “Lift Up Your Hearts.”

All    With hearts overflowing with gratitude we give thanks for:
        Everyone who plays their symphonic notes with us
        The creativity of the writers of music and lyrics
        All those who brought this book into being
        Our congregation as we share in this gift of song.

One    In the name of God our creator,
          we dedicate these hymnals to the glory of God,
          for the beauty of our worship
          and for the deepening of our relationship with you.

All    With gratitude we accept “Lift Up Your Hearts”
        We will care for them and use them with joy and reverence.

Songs:     LUYH 496  "Uyai Mose/Come All You People"
               LUYH 600 "Yesu azali awa /Jesus Christ is With Us"
               LUYH 496  "Uyai Mose/Come All You People"

God’s Greeting – LUYH 518, then greet one another…..
Song:  LUYH 579  "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise"
Prayer of Confession - LUYH pg. 636
Song:  LUYH 362  "I'm So Glad"

Children’s Story

Children's song:  LUYH 780  "I Love You Lord, Today"
LUYH 937
Song:  LUYH  295  "Let Justice Roll Down"  (NOTE: composer was our accompanist!)
Prayer of Illumination:  LUYH 756

Scripture Reading: Acts 17:16-34
Song of Response:  LUYH 519 "God, We Sing Your Glorious Praises"
Songs:    LUYH 28  "God Marked a Line and Told the Sea "
    LUYH 550 "Sing Praise to Your Creator"
    LUYH 293 "O Great God and Lord of the Earth"
Congregational Prayer
Offertory LUYH 332  "As the Deer Pants for Water"

Offering song:  LUYH 882  "Grant Now Your Blessing"
Song requests from the congregation
Benediction - LUYH 954
Doxology:     LUYH  949 "May the Peace of Christ Be with You"
                     LUYH 947  "We Receive Your Blessing"
Postlude:  LUYH 339  "He Knows My Name"