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# Song Namesort ascending Scripture Section Tune License
599 Come, Christians, Join to Sing Praise and Adoration MADRID CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
924 Come, All You Servants of the Lord Psalm 134 Charge and Blessing GENEVAN 134/OLD HUNDREDTH CCLI, OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
495 Come, All You People, Praise Our God Psalm 66 Called and Gathered ADOWA Public Domain
207 Come to Us, Beloved Stranger Easter BEACH SPRING CCLI, OneLicense
613 Come to the Savior Now Confession and Lament INVITATION Public Domain
123 Come to Me, O Weary Traveler Teaching and Miracles AUSTIN CCLI, OneLicense
419 Come Quickly, LORD, to Rescue Me Psalm 70 In Difficult Times CHICKAHOMINY CCLI, OneLicense
300 Come Now, You Blessed, Eat at My Table In Culture, Communities, and Nations COME NOW, YOU BLESSED OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
234 Come Down, O Love Divine Pentecost DOWN AMPNEY Public Domain
527 Come Away from Rush and Hurry Called and Gathered PROMISE CCLI
528 Come and Fill Our Hearts Called and Gathered CONFITEMINI DOMINO OneLicense
252 Church of God, Elect and Glorious Through the Church ABBOT'S LEIGH CCLI, OneLicense
727 Christian Hearts in Love United God's Gift of the Law O DU LIEBE MEINER LIEBE Public Domain
667 Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Forgiveness and Grace LUX PRIMA Public Domain
131 Christ, We Climb with You the Mountain Transfiguration and Lenten Journey IN BABILONE OneLicense, Public Domain
137 Christ, the Life of All the Living Transfiguration and Lenten Journey JESU, MEINES LEBENS LEBEN Public Domain
386 Christ, Mighty Savior In Marking Time INNISFREE FARM CCLI, OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
908 Christ, Be Our Light Offering Our Prayers CHRIST, BE OUR LIGHT LicenSing
182 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today Easter EASTER HYMN Public Domain
204 Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna Easter HYMN TO JOY CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
250 Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation Through the Church WESTMINSTER ABBEY Public Domain
206 Christ Is Alive! Let Christians Sing Easter TRURO CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
23 Children of the Heavenly Father Creation and Providence TRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARA OneLicense, Public Domain
804 Child of Blessing, Child of Promise Baptism KINGDOM CCLI, OneLicense
725 Charge: A Living Sacrifice Romans 12:1-3 God's Gift of the Law