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#sort ascending Song Name Scripture Section Tune License
758 Order My Steps Psalm 119:9-16 Hearing the Word IN YOUR WORD CCLI
757 O Word of God Incarnate Hearing the Word MUNICH Public Domain
756 A Prayer: Make Us Hungry for Your Word Hearing the Word
755 Speak, O Lord Hearing the Word SPEAK, O LORD CCLI
754 Lord, Speak to Me That I May Speak Hearing the Word CANONBURY Public Domain
753 Listen, God Is Calling Hearing the Word NENO LAKE MUNGU Contact Copyright Holder
752 Dawk'yah towgyah/Take the Saving Word of God Hearing the Word DAWK'YAH TOWGYAH OneLicense
751 Open Your Ears, O Faithful People Hearing the Word YISRAEL V'ORAITA CCLI, OneLicense, LicenSing, Contact Copyright Holder
750 The Word Will Accomplish Its Purpose Isaiah 55:10-11 Hearing the Word
749 Spirit of the Living God Hearing the Word IVERSON CCLI, OneLicense
748 Lord, to Whom Shall We Go John 6:68 Hearing the Word TO WHOM SHALL WE GO OneLicense
747 Breathe on Me, Breath of God Hearing the Word TRENTHAM Public Domain
746 Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God Dedication to Holy Living HOLY SPIRIT, LIVING BREATH CCLI
745 Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit Dedication to Holy Living DWELL IN ME Public Domain
744 In Great Thanksgiving Dedication to Holy Living MALATE OneLicense
743 O God, You Are My God
(Step by Step)
Dedication to Holy Living STEP BY STEP CCLI
742 Will You Come and Follow Me Dedication to Holy Living KELVINGROVE OneLicense
741 Take, O Take Me as I Am Dedication to Holy Living TAKE ME AS I AM OneLicense
740 Here I Am Dedication to Holy Living HERE I AM CCLI, LicenSing
739 I Surrender All
(All to Jesus, I Surrender)
Dedication to Holy Living SURRENDER Public Domain
738 Jesus, All for Jesus Dedication to Holy Living ALL FOR JESUS CCLI
737 Have Thine Own Way, Lord Dedication to Holy Living ADELAIDE Public Domain
736 God, Who Touches Earth with Beauty Dedication to Holy Living LUDINGTON CCLI, OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
735 I Love You, LORD, For You Have Heard My Voice Psalm 116 Dedication to Holy Living GENEVAN 116 CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
734 My Heart is Firmly Fixed Psalm 108 Dedication to Holy Living ST. THOMAS CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain