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# Song Name Scripture Sectionsort descending Tune License
595 Optional prayer Praise and Adoration OneLicense, Public Domain
550 Nyanyikanlah/Hallelujah! Sing Praise to Your Creator Psalm 148 Praise and Adoration NYANYIKANLAH OneLicense
564 Alleluia, Alleluia (South African) Praise and Adoration ALLELUIA SOUTH AFRICAN Public Domain
596 Santo, santo, santo/Holy, Holy, Holy Praise and Adoration SANTO, SANTO, SANTO OneLicense
595 Santo, santo, santo, mi corazón/Holy, Holy, Holy, My Heart Praise and Adoration ARGENTINE SANTO OneLicense, Public Domain
596 Optional Acclamation Praise and Adoration OneLicense
561 I Will Extol You, O My God Psalm 145 Praise and Adoration GERARD/NOEL Public Domain
578 Forever
(Give Thanks to the Lord, Our God and King)
Praise and Adoration FOREVER CCLI
544 Cantemos al Señor/O Sing unto the Lord Praise and Adoration ROSAS CCLI, OneLicense
557 O God Beyond All Praising Praise and Adoration THAXTED CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
639 Lord, Have Mercy Confession and Lament LORD, HAVE MERCY CCLI
638 Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive Confession and Lament ST. ETHELDREDA CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
625 LORD, to You My Soul Is Lifted Psalm 25 Confession and Lament GENEVAN 25 CCLI, OneLicense
647 Come, Sing to God with All Your Heart Psalm 9 Confession and Lament MORNING SONG CCLI, OneLicense
612 Optional prayer Confession and Lament Contact Copyright Holder, Public Domain
642 Perdón, Señor/Forgive Us, Lord Confession and Lament CONFESSION CCLI
612 LORD, Who May Dwell Within Your House Psalm 15 Confession and Lament CRIMOND Contact Copyright Holder, Public Domain
627 Optional prayer Confession and Lament Public Domain
629 Ishworo/Father in Heaven, Have Mercy Confession and Lament ISHWORO CCLI, OneLicense
626 Cast Down, O God, the Idols Confession and Lament RUTHERFORD OneLicense, Public Domain
622 God, Be Merciful To Me (Miner) Psalm 51 Confession and Lament GOD, BE MERCIFUL CCLI, Public Domain
659 Nearer, Still Nearer Confession and Lament STILL NEARER Public Domain
634 A Prayer for God's Mercy (Trisagion) Confession and Lament
623 God, Be Merciful To Me (REDHEAD 76) Psalm 51:1-2, 10-19 Confession and Lament AJALON/GETHSEMANE/PETRA/REDHEAD76 Public Domain
624 Not What My Hands Have Done Confession and Lament LEOMINSTER Public Domain