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# Song Name Scripture Sectionsort descending Tune License
569 Affirmation: The Benefits of Christ's Death and Resurrection Praise and Adoration
597 Holy Is the Lord Praise and Adoration GIGLIO CCLI
611 Mighty to Save Praise and Adoration MIGHTY TO SAVE CCLI
598 You are Holy
(Prince of Peace)
Praise and Adoration YOU ARE HOLY CCLI
599 Come, Christians, Join to Sing Praise and Adoration MADRID CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
582 You Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim Praise and Adoration HANOVER Public Domain
570 From All That Dwell Below the Skies Psalm 117 Praise and Adoration LASST UNS ERFREUEN Public Domain
574 How Great Is Our God
(The Splendor of the King)
Praise and Adoration HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD CCLI
548 My God, How Wonderful You Are Praise and Adoration ST. ETHELDREDA Public Domain
552 Alleluia (Duncan) Praise and Adoration ALLELUIA DUNCAN OneLicense
627 Just As I Am, Without One Plea Confession and Lament WOODWORTH Public Domain
617 Spirit Divine, Inspire Our Prayer Confession and Lament GRÄFENBERG Public Domain
633 Kyrie/Lord, Have Mercy (Brumm) Confession and Lament KYRIE BRUMM Contact Copyright Holder
618 Spirit of God, Who Dwells Within My Heart Confession and Lament MORECAMBE Public Domain
663 Pelas dores deste mundo/For the Troubles Confession and Lament PELAS DORES DESTE MUNDO OneLicense
628 Give Us Clean Hands
(We Bow Our Hearts, We Bend Our Knees)
Confession and Lament GIVE US CLEAN HANDS CCLI
637 Kyrie Eleison/Lord, Have Mercy (from Ghana) Confession and Lament KYRIE GHANA Contact Copyright Holder, Public Domain
616 As a Deer in Want of Water Psalm 42 and 43 Confession and Lament FREU DICH SEHR/GENEVAN 42 CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
619 Tama ngakau marie/Son of God, Whose Heart is Peace Confession and Lament TAMA NGAKAU MARIE OneLicense
641 Eternal Spirit, God of Truth Confession and Lament FOREST GREEN Public Domain
635 Kyrie Eleison/Lord, Have Mercy (Russia) Confession and Lament KYRIE RUSSIA Public Domain
648 Why Stand So Far Away, My God Psalm 10 Confession and Lament MORNING SONG/CONSOLATION OneLicense
644 Lying Lips Psalm 12 Confession and Lament CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA OneLicense, Public Domain
639 Lord, Have Mercy Confession and Lament LORD, HAVE MERCY CCLI
638 Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive Confession and Lament ST. ETHELDREDA CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain