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# Song Name Scripture Sectionsort ascending Tune License
410 How Long Will You Forget Me, Lord Psalm 13 In Difficult Times MARTYRDOM CCLI, OneLicense
409 Optional concluding prayer In Difficult Times CCLI, OneLicense
450 Neither Death nor Life Romans 8:38-39 In Difficult Times NEITHER DEATH OneLicense
429 Don't Be Afraid In Difficult Times DON'T BE AFRAID OneLicense
439 I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cry Psalm 116:1-2 In Difficult Times CCLI, Public Domain
428 O Lord, Be Our Refuge Psalm 11 In Difficult Times CCLI, OneLicense
407 If You But Trust in God to Guide You In Difficult Times NEUMARK/WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT Public Domain
422 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior In Difficult Times PASS ME NOT Public Domain
438 Give to the Winds Your Fears In Difficult Times GORTON CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
418 If You Love Me Psalm 69 In Difficult Times IF YOU LOVE ME OneLicense
413 Psalm 54 Psalm 54 In Difficult Times CCLI, OneLicense
442 Praise the Lord Who Heals Psalm 147 In Difficult Times CCLI, OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
433 In God Alone Psalm 62:1 In Difficult Times IN GOD ALONE OneLicense
413 Optional prayer in solidarity with those who suffer injustice In Difficult Times CCLI, OneLicense
411 Protect Me God: I Trust in You Psalm 16 In Difficult Times MEPHIBOSHETH CCLI, OneLicense
416 In My Day of Fear Psalm 56 In Difficult Times DISTANT OAKS OneLicense
414 All Will Be Well In Difficult Times ALL WILL BE WELL CCLI
408 What a Privilege to Carry Psalm 41 In Difficult Times BEACH SPRING Contact Copyright Holder, Public Domain
388 Every Heart Its Tribute Pays Psalm 65 In Marking Time ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
399 Bless the LORD, O Saints and Servants Psalm 113 In Marking Time AUSTRIAN HYMN CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
400 Greet Now the Swiftly Changing Year In Marking Time SIXTH NIGHT CCLI, OneLicense
395 When Evening Falls and Labors Cease In Marking Time GERMANY CCLI, OneLicense
376 Hear, O LORD, My Urgent Prayer Psalm 5 In Marking Time TEBBEN CCLI, OneLicense
372 When Morning Gilds the Sky In Marking Time LAUDES DOMINI Public Domain
401 Hours and Days and Years and Ages In Marking Time O DU LIEBE MEINER LIEBE CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain