With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring


Performance Notes:

  • For performance notes on this song, see page 1090 of Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship.
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Text Information:

Scripture References:
st. 1 = Ps. 138:1-2
st. 2 = Ps. 138:3-5
st. 3 = Ps. 138:6-7a
st. 4 = Ps. 138:7b-8

Based on Psalm 138, this versification (slightly altered) is from the 1912 Psalter.

Tune Information:

The Sunday school hymn writer William B. Bradbury composed SOLID ROCK in 1863 for Edward Mote's "My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less." The tune name derives from that song's refrain: "On Christ, the solid rock, I stand. . . .” Bradbury published SOLID ROCK in his 1864 children's collection The Golden Censor. The tune exhibits a bar form (AAB) with a coda added to its final line, allowing a repeat of the final phrase in the versification. The final line was originally the refrain line in Mote's gospel hymn. SOLID ROCK is well-suited to singing in harmony; festival use of instruments other than organ heightens the thanksgiving mood of the psalm text.

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  • The following are alternative accompaniments for this tune,SOLID ROCK

Alternative Harmonization for Piano:

  • Hopson, Hal H. The Creative Use of the Piano in Worship. Hope 8392 [2008]
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Psalm 138
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