“This fresh-out-of-the box hymnal is for all generations, and is drawn from across the church’s vast history, making it a valuable resource for any and all worship leaders.”
- Phil Sillas, Worship Leader Magazine


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December 4, 2014

Peace Before Us (#923)

Despite my most sensitive and pastoral planning, I frequently find that the congregation’s experience of singing is beyond my control. Such was the...
November 4, 2014

New iPad App Available

The new Lift Up Your Hearts app for iPad contains a free download of all the Public Domain songs, in-app purchases of copyrighted songs, 
October 15, 2014

Is Your Church Breaking Copyright Law?

When you’re in church singing from the shiny new Lift Up Your Hearts (LUYH) hymnal you’re holding in your hands, it’s all good. All the copyrights...