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# Song Namesort ascending Scripture Section Tune License
863 Take My Life and Let It Be Offering Our Lives HENDON Public Domain
788 Take Me to the Water Baptism TAKE ME TO THE WATER OneLicense, Public Domain
808 Table of Plenty The Lord's Supper TABLE OF PLENTY LicenSing
469 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot In Death and Dying SWING LOW Public Domain
133 Swiftly Pass the Clouds of Glory Transfiguration and Lenten Journey GENEVA CCLI, OneLicense
159 Stay with Me from Matthew 26 Maundy Thursday STAY WITH ME OneLicense
445 Stand, Oh, Stand Firm In Difficult Times STAND FIRM OneLicense
235 Spirit, Working in Creation Pentecost SUNRISE Contact Copyright Holder, Public Domain
238 Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness Pentecost SPIRIT OneLicense
749 Spirit of the Living God Hearing the Word IVERSON CCLI, OneLicense
618 Spirit of God, Who Dwells Within My Heart Confession and Lament MORECAMBE Public Domain
237 Spirit of God, Unleashed on Earth Pentecost TRURO Contact Copyright Holder, Public Domain
617 Spirit Divine, Inspire Our Prayer Confession and Lament GRÄFENBERG Public Domain
755 Speak, O Lord Hearing the Word SPEAK, O LORD CCLI
14 Soplo de Dios/O Living Breath of God Creation and Providence VARVINDAR FRISKA OneLicense
244 Sopla fuerte/Blow Wild and Blow Freely Through the Church SOPLA FUERTE OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
482 Soon and Very Soon Christ's Second Coming SOON AND VERY SOON CCLI
104 Songs of Thankfulness and Praise Epiphany ALLE MENSCHEN MÜSSEN STERBEN/SALZBURG Public Domain
53 Song of the Prophets
(In Ages Past the Mighty Lord)
God's Covenant Faithfulness STAR OF COUNTY DOWN / KINGSFOLD CCLI, OneLicense
255 Somos uno en Cristo/We Are One in Christ Jesus Through the Church SOMOS UNO CCLI, Contact Copyright Holder
141 Somos pueblo que camina/We Are People on a Journey Transfiguration and Lenten Journey SOMOS PUEBLOS CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
129 Somlandela/We Will Follow
(We Will Follow)
Teaching and Miracles SOMLANDELA Contact Copyright Holder
615 Softly and Tenderly, Jesus Is Calling Confession and Lament THOMPSON Public Domain
931 Sizohamba naye/We will Walk with God Charge and Blessing SIZOHAMBA NAYE OneLicense
547 Sing, Sing a New Song to the Lord God Psalm 98 Praise and Adoration GENEVAN 98/118/RENDEZ À DIEU CCLI, OneLicense