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# Song Namesort ascending Scripture Section Tune License
172 Ah, Holy Jesus, How Have You Offended Good Friday HERZLIEBSTER JESU Public Domain
848 Affirming Baptism and Professing Faith Offering Our Lives
731 Affirmation: Why We Do Good Works Dedication to Holy Living
826 Affirmation: What God Says Through the Supper The Lord's Supper
778 Affirmation: What Do You Believe About God Creeds and Confessions
705 Affirmation: Washed with Christ's Blood and Spirit Forgiveness and Grace
342 Affirmation: True Faith In Our Walk with God
259 Affirmation: The Unity of the Body Through the Church
829 Affirmation: The Sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood The Lord's Supper
463 Affirmation: The Resurrection of the Body In Death and Dying
229 Affirmation: The Holy Spirit Pentecost
678 Affirmation: The Forgiveness of Sins Forgiveness and Grace
245 Affirmation: The Communion of Saints Through the Church
253 Affirmation: The Church Universal Through the Church
213 Affirmation: The Benefits of the Ascension Ascension and Reign
569 Affirmation: The Benefits of Christ's Death and Resurrection Praise and Adoration
865 Affirmation: Sharing Gifts Within the Body Offering Our Lives
697 Affirmation: Righteous Before God Forgiveness and Grace
434 Affirmation: My Only Comfort In Difficult Times
263 Affirmation: Joining the Mission of God Through the Church
201 Affirmation: Jesus, Our Hope Easter
8 Affirmation: How We Know God Creation and Providence
24 Affirmation: God as Creator and Provider Creation and Providence
787 Affirmation: For You Jesus Christ Came Baptism
484 Affirmation: Come, Lord Jesus The New Heaven and Earth