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# Song Namesort ascending Scripture Section Tune License
738 Jesus, All for Jesus Dedication to Holy Living ALL FOR JESUS CCLI
125 Jesus the Lord Said, 'I Am the Bread' Teaching and Miracles YISU NE KAHA CCLI, OneLicense
219 Jesus Shall Reign Psalm 72 Ascension and Reign DUKESTREET Public Domain
135 Jesus Set His Face Transfiguration and Lenten Journey FLINT CCLI, OneLicense
130 Jesus On the Mountain Peak Transfiguration and Lenten Journey MOWSLEY CCLI, OneLicense
709 Jesus Loves Me Forgiveness and Grace JESUS LOVES ME Public Domain
602 Jesus Is Our King Praise and Adoration POST GREEN CCLI, OneLicense
226 Jesus Is Lord Ascension and Reign JESUS IS LORD CCLI
138 Jesus Is a Rock in a Weary Land Transfiguration and Lenten Journey WEARY LAND OneLicense
127 Jesus Heard with Deep Compassion Teaching and Miracles PLEADING SAVIOR CCLI, OneLicense
471 Jesus Christ Is the Way
(When I Think About)
121 Jesus Calls Us O'er the Tumult Teaching and Miracles GALILEE Public Domain
299 Jesu, Jesu In Culture, Communities, and Nations CHEREPONI CCLI, OneLicense
520 Jesu tawa pano/Jesus, We Are Here Called and Gathered JESU, TAWA PANO OneLicense
488 Jerusalem the Golden The New Heaven and Earth EWING Public Domain
584 Je louerai l'Eternel/Praise, I Will Praise You, Lord Praise and Adoration JE LOUERAI L'ETERNAL Contact Copyright Holder
513 It is Good to Sing Your Praises Psalm 92 Called and Gathered ELLESDIE Public Domain
48 It Is Good to Give Thanks to You, Lord Psalm 106 God's Covenant Faithfulness NEW 106TH OneLicense
629 Ishworo/Father in Heaven, Have Mercy Confession and Lament ISHWORO CCLI, OneLicense
344 In Thee Is Gladness In Our Walk with God IN DIR IST FREUDE Public Domain
606 In the Sanctuary Praise and Adoration IN THE SANCTUARY CCLI
357 In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful In Grateful Living OneLicense
94 In the Heavens Shone a Star Christmas KALINGA CCLI, OneLicense
485 In the Day of the Lord The New Heaven and Earth IN THE DAY OF THE LORD LicenSing
346 In Sweet Communion, Lord, with You Psalm 73 In Our Walk with God PRAYER Public Domain