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# Song Name Scripture Sectionsort ascending Tune License
890 O God, Defender of the Poor Psalm 4 Offering Our Prayers DUNFERMLINE CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
905 Optional prayer Offering Our Prayers OneLicense
900 O Holy Spirit, by Whose Breath Offering Our Prayers PUER NOBIS CCLI, OneLicense, Contact Copyright Holder
903 O Lord, Hear My Prayer Offering Our Prayers HEAR MY PRAYER OneLicense
905 오 소 서/Come Now, O Prince of Peace
Offering Our Prayers O-SO-SO OneLicense
914 Our Father in Heaven Matthew 6:9-13 Offering Our Prayers ASAS CCLI, OneLicense
886 Prayers of the People 1 Offering Our Prayers
891 Gbemi, Jesu/Lift Me, Jesus Offering Our Prayers GBEMI, JESU Public Domain
917 Our Father in Heaven Matthew 6:9-13 Offering Our Prayers OUR FATHER RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Contact Copyright Holder
888 Optional spoken introduction Psalm 70; 17 Offering Our Prayers CCLI, OneLicense
893 Hear My Cry, O God, and Save Me Psalm 77 Offering Our Prayers GENEVAN 77 CCLI, OneLicense
919 Our Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth Matthew 6:9-13 Offering Our Prayers VATER UNSER CCLI, OneLicense, Public Domain
902 Gathering Our Prayers Offering Our Prayers
908 Christ, Be Our Light Offering Our Prayers CHRIST, BE OUR LIGHT LicenSing
915 Amen (Themba Amen) Offering Our Prayers AMEN THEMBA OneLicense
874 We Are An Offering Offering Our Gifts OFFERING CCLI
877 We Give Thee but Thine Own Offering Our Gifts SCHUMANN Public Domain
871 What Shall I Render to the Lord Psalm 116:12-19 Offering Our Gifts ROCKINGHAM Public Domain
881 Use These Gifts Offering Our Gifts USE THESE GIFTS CCLI
878 God, We Honor You Offering Our Gifts ABUNDANT BLESSINGS Contact Copyright Holder
873 Praise and Thanksgiving Offering Our Gifts LOBET UND PRESIET CCLI, OneLicense
876 God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending Offering Our Gifts BEACH SPRING CCLI, OneLicense
875 A Prayer: Almighty God, Father of all Mercies Offering Our Gifts
882 Grant Now Your Blessing Offering Our Gifts HALAD Contact Copyright Holder
883 A Prayer for the Offering Offering Our Gifts